Service Info

Each quarter, service hour sheets can either be submitted in Mrs. Huyghe's room or attached in the correct Google Form

PDFs are below, otherwise, Mrs. Huyghe has printed copies in her room.

Quarterly Deadlines

Hours are due one week after the quarter ends at 2:30pm in Huyghe's room or 11:59pm in the Google form.

Quarter 1: November 3, 2023

Quarter 2: January 20, 2024

Quarter 3: April 1st, 2024

Quarter 4: May 17, 2024 (Seniors) and June 7, 2024 (Juniors)

Quarterly Service Guidelines

Volunteer work for the Freshman Mentor Program, Key Club, Leadership, or any other organization CANNOT be used for NHS.

Summer Service Guidelines

Updated NHS Quarterly Service Sheet.pdf

Quarterly Service Hours Sheet

Print or edit a copy of the service record sheet above for each quarter.

NHS Summer Service Sheet.pdf

Summer Service Hours Sheet

This sheet can be used to record service hours from the spring after induction and this past summer before the school year. Attach it with your Quarter 1 service sheet.